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PlatOps Events Inspector

PlatOps Event Inspector is a high performance, scalable and complex Event Processor that receives events from different data-sources such as monitoring, email, SNMP, Public clouds, Netflow, DNS, Kubernetes, matches them with pre-defined rules, and executes the actions and rules associated, including notifications, logging, and annotating events in a time series graphing system and monitoring.

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Proactive Email Security

We provide a comprehensive email security service backed by automated, hands-on processes to keep your organization safe from most security threats and attacks initiated through email.

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Advanced Managed Security

PlatOps Security delivers top-notch security services for its customers by managing their network's core aspects.

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Managed Monitoring

Our monitoring system covers a thousand metrics, including baseline checks, cloud-integrated monitoring, application security monitoring, and much more.

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What we offer

A single managed platform for secure cloud controls


Encrypted communication, hourly security scans.

Global Monitoring

Full control on Metrics Dashboards.

Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the best way to protect yourself online.

Encryption Protection

All data is encrypted with military-grade standards.

      "id": "8c621f9c-c42f-476a-892f-3c884134c381",
      "event_inspector": "0.14.0",
      "serial": "fe6d39dc-c5dd-11ec-9d64-0242ac120002",
      "lineage": "95dee80f-162c-4f7d-aca4-ff6fc4f90ddc",
      "outputs": {},
      "resources": ["Accept"]

Discover Secure Solutions

To securely run a cloud-based business

Proactive Email Security

Discover and handle spam and security threats initiated through email, including Business Email Compromise (BCE) attacks and phishing. Easily deploys with Platops Email Security for complete and effective content security. Fully compatible with other PlatOps Security solutions, such as PlatOps Core, PlatOps Event Inspector and PlatOps DMARC Service.

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Cloud Transformation

PlatOps Cloud transformation service helps businesses execute new ideas fast. Make changes and redeploy products in a fraction of the time. Our Cloud transformation offering gives your team the resources it needs to develop and test custom solutions rapidly, deploy new versions, and provide timely responses as needed.

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Cloud Native Security

PlatOps Security checks your cloud services, Infrastructure-as-Code templates, and Kubernetes clusters against best practices and standards, to ensure the infrastructure you run your applications on is securely configured and in compliance.

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